Introducing FunDoggy

πŸ“£ Exciting Announcement from Dundobi! πŸŽ‰

We are thrilled to introduce FUNDOGGY, our extraordinary chain of luxury hotels exclusively designed for our beloved four-legged friends! At Dundobi, we understand the immense joy and unconditional love that our furry companions bring into our lives, and we are proud to provide them with a truly exceptional experience.

FUNDOGGY is not just a place for dogs; it's a haven for human and animal interaction. We believe in creating a harmonious environment where both dogs and their human companions can enjoy memorable moments together. Our team of dedicated animal lovers has meticulously crafted every aspect of FUNDOGGY to ensure the utmost comfort, safety, and enjoyment for all.

Here's what you can expect from our state-of-the-art FUNDOGGY hotels:


🏨 Luxurious Accommodations:

Our hotels boast premium suites that redefine canine comfort. From plush bedding to personalized amenities, each room is tailored to cater to your dog's individual needs and preferences. Rest assured, they will be pampered like royalty throughout their stay.

🐾 Day Care:

We understand that socialization and exercise are essential for a happy and healthy dog. That's why we offer a comprehensive day care program where your furry friend can make new pals, engage in stimulating activities, and receive personalized attention from our experienced staff.

πŸ‹β€β™‚ Gym and Exercise:

At FUNDOGGY, we prioritize fitness and vitality. Our fully equipped gym facilities provide the perfect opportunity for your dog to burn off energy, engage in playful workouts, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From treadmills to agility courses, we have everything your pooch needs to stay active and fit.


🏊 Indoor and Outdoor Pools:

Swimming is not just a fun activity for dogs; it's also a great way to keep them cool and active. Our hotels feature both indoor and outdoor pools, waterfalls and fountains designed specifically for dogs. Whether they prefer a refreshing dip or some water playtime, our pools offer a safe and enjoyable experience under the watchful eyes of our trained lifeguards.


At FUNDOGGY, we go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our canine guests. From 24/7 on-site handler care to gourmet dondoggy raw dog food meals prepared by our in-house chefs, no detail is overlooked. Your furry friend's safety, comfort, and happiness are our top priorities.

Join us in celebrating this exciting launch! Follow @Dundobi on Instagram for updates, exclusive offers, and a sneak peek into the world of FUNDOGGY. Stay tuned as we unveil our first location opening in Miami soon, prepare to welcome your furry companions into an unparalleled luxury experience.

Come, be a part of the FUNDOGGY family, where cherished memories and tail-wagging adventures await! 🐢❀

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